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Homeless Woman Accused Of Killing Social Activist In Los Angeles

Uncover the story of Michael Latt's compassionate approach to tackling homelessness and confronting murders in Los Angeles, fostering social justice and change.los angeles california homeless murder michael latt lead with love social justice.

Vincent Bloodworth
Vincent Bloodworth
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Homeless Woman Accused Of Killing Social Activist In Los Angeles

Amidst the daunting challenges of homelessness and rising murder rates in Los Angeles, one individual stands as a beacon of hope and catalyst for change. Discover los angeles california homeless murder michael latt lead with love social justice. Michael Latt, a visionary leader, has emerged as a powerful advocate for social justice, employing an ethos of love and compassion to address these critical issues.

With an unwavering commitment to the marginalized and a steadfast belief in the power of human connection, Latt has pioneered innovative approaches that transcend conventional boundaries, sparking a movement of empathy and change in California's sprawling metropolis.

Lead With Love CEO Gunned Down By Homeless Woman In L.A

Victim Michael Latt
Victim Michael Latt

Los Angeles, CA – November 27, 2023, a tragic incident unfolded in Los Angeles when A man is dead after being shot inside his own home by an intruder in the 900 block of Alandele Avenue. Los Angeles Police Department's West Bureau Homicide Detectives have arrested the suspect, identified as 36-year-old Jameelah Elena Michl.

TheLos Angeles Police Department's Wilshire Area patrolofficers swiftly responded to a distress call regarding a shooting at the 900 block of Alandele Avenue around 6 p.m. Upon arrival, they discovered that a male victim had been shot during a home intrusion.

The victim was identified by KCBS-TVas Michael Latt, the CEO of Lead With Love, an organization recognized for utilizing the transformative power of art to drive positive change, foster hope, healing, and empowerment within communities, as highlighted on their Instagram page.

Despite immediate medical attention and transportation to a hospital, Latt tragically succumbed to his injuries. Authorities have named 36-year-old Jameelah Michl as the primary suspect in this distressing event and have placed her under arrest on a charge of murder.

The neighbors recalled Latt as a kind individual who resided with his partner, despite not hearing the gunfire that took place.

“I’m heartbroken, I’m shocked,” Avarie Shevin, Latt’s next-door neighbor, told to KTLA. “I was looking out my window and saw a female standing in the walkway with her hands up and they took her into custody.”

“He is a super-sweet guy,” Shevin said. “He and his girlfriend lived there with a dog and a cat. He’s just very mellow. I can’t wrap my brain around what could’ve happened that caused him to be shot and killed. I keep picturing his face and I cannot believe he has passed.”

Stalking Allegations And Legacy In Hollywood And Social Justice

Victim Michael Latt, crime scene
Victim Michael Latt, crime scene

According to statements from the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, Michl singled out Latt due to his association with a woman she had been stalking. Allegedly, Michl forcibly entered Latt's residence and shot him using a semi-automatic handgun.

Reports from KCAL News revealed that a female film director, a close friend of Latt's, had previously obtained a restraining order against Michl. This action followed Michl's involvement as an extra in one of the director's films, after which she allegedly began stalking the director, delivering disturbing letters that hinted at self-harm.

Latt's connections to Hollywood are notable, with his mother, Michelle Satter, holding a significant position as the founding senior director of artists programs at the Sundance Institute. His father, David Latt, is a film producer, and his brother, Franklin Latt, serves as an agent at Creative Artists Agency.

In the aftermath of Latt's tragic passing, Satter shared on social media that her son had dedicated his career to supporting artists, especially those from diverse backgrounds, and had utilized storytelling as a tool for lasting social change.

Before his involvement in social justice activism, Latt had a background in entertainment marketing. His advocacy journey began with the social justice collective Blackout for Human Rights.

He also contributed as a film marketing consultant, collaborating with figures like filmmaker Ryan Coogler and multi-talented artist Common on various impactful campaigns.

On his Instagram page, the family commemorated Latt, expressing that throughout his career, he dedicated himself to aiding individuals, particularly those from marginalized communities.

“Our beloved son, brother, grandson, fiancé Michael Latt, fell victim to a tragic act of violence Monday night,” the post read alongside a photo of Latt, his brother and his parents. “Our family, Michael’s extraordinary friends and colleagues are shattered by the profound grief of losing our Michael.”

“He devoted his career to supporting others, championing organizations that raised up women and artists of color, along with leveraging storytelling, art and various mediums to create enduring change and instill communities with hope, love and inspiration. Michael will never be forgotten and we can all carry on his legacy of love, compassion and fierce dedication to positive and lasting change.”

L.A. Homicide, Suspect Arrested

Michael Latt
Michael Latt

Michl, a resident of Los Angeles, was apprehended at the scene and booked for Murder (187(A) PC). Her bail is set at $3 million, and she is being held at the Los Angeles County Jail. Detectives also impounded her car, serving as her primary residence, as evidence.

Investigators urge anyone with further information to contact West Bureau Homicide at (213) 382-9470. Anonymous tips can be submitted to, 1-877-LAPD-24-7, LA Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477),, or the "P-3 Tips" mobile app.

This tragic incident remains under investigation. Updates will be provided as further details become available.

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