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“Boyish feud” ends with fatal shooting at church

From The Minneapolis Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Published March 13, 1901 A “boyish feud” between 2 teens ended when one shot the other. According a testimony, a third boy named Frank Suwalzki held the victim’s arm from behind before Wisniewski fired the fatal shot. Wisniewski pleaded guilty to manslaughter and sent to a reformatory school while… Continue reading “Boyish feud” ends with fatal shooting at church

Nevada · Newspaper clippings

Man found alive, bloody, and naked, entangled in barbed wire and head nearly severed

From The Anaconda Standard (Anaconda, Montana) Published March 12, 1908 A naked and bloody man, unknown in the area, was found entangled in barbed wire with his head “nearly severed” but still alive. As his name was unknown, I could not follow up on his fate.