California · Crime Scene Photography

The murder of Bugsy Siegel

June 20, 1947 Beverly Hills, California Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel is shot to death at his girlfriend's house Siegel, a mobster and one of those behind Las Vegas' success, had been reading a newspaper when an unknown assailant fired a .30 caliber M1 carbine through a window, striking Siegel several times. Popular folklore based on the… Continue reading The murder of Bugsy Siegel

Crime Scene Photography · Illinois

Mobster Salvatore Giancana murdered

June 19, 1975 Oak Park, Illinois Mobster Salvatore “Sam” Giancana is shot and killed in his home Giancana was scheduled to appear at a committee meeting involving an alleged collusion between the CIA and Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian mafia. Shortly before this meeting, the police detail assigned to guard his house was recalled. The same… Continue reading Mobster Salvatore Giancana murdered


Photo found of what appears to be abducted children

June 15, 1989 Port St. Joe, Florida A Polaroid photograph depicting two restrained minors is found in a convenience store parking lot The woman who found the photograph reported it to officials, and stated it had been found in a parking space that had been occupied by a white, windowless van directly before the photo’s… Continue reading Photo found of what appears to be abducted children


Three girls murdered during Girl Scouts camping trip

June 13, 1977 Mayes County, Oklahoma Michele Guse (9, left), Lori Farmer (8, middle), and Doris Milner (10, right) are found raped and murdered during a camping trip The girls shared a tent at a Girl Scouts camping trip. Their tent was located the furthest from the camp counselor’s tent, them and was partially obscured… Continue reading Three girls murdered during Girl Scouts camping trip