California · Crime Scene Photography

Crime scene: drunken suicide (graphic)

February 2, 1944 Los Angeles, California Sgt. Lloyd L. Evans of the US Army is found nude after drunkenly committing suicide by slicing the back of this left hand open with a razor No motive was found aside from his high levels of intoxication. Photo credit: Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective Scrapbook. Images blurred to… Continue reading Crime scene: drunken suicide (graphic)

Illinois · Newspaper clippings

Wedding dress to burial shroud

From the Chicago Daily Tribune Published January 30, 1919 A woman became suicidal after her husband-to-be failed to follow through with his commitment. She left behind a note expressing her wish to have her bridal gown become her death shroud. Despite searches, the would-be bride was not found following her disappearance. Further research did not… Continue reading Wedding dress to burial shroud


Politician kills self on live TV

January 22, 1987 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Robert Budd Dwyer kills himself on live television At a live, televised press conference regarding a political scandal, Robert Budd Dwyer, Treasurer of Pennsylvania, professed his innocence. He then handed several envelopes out, which were later discovered to be organ donor information, letters to his wife and children, and funeral… Continue reading Politician kills self on live TV