England · Female Killers

10-year-old murders 4-year-old

May 25, 1968 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England 10-year-old Mary Flora Bell strangles a 4-year-old boy, Martin Brown Mary was born to a 17-year-old prostitute who later married a career criminal, and she grew up as a vandal, a thief, and a bully. Allegedly, Mary's mother forced her to commit sex acts on clients while… Continue reading 10-year-old murders 4-year-old

Female Killers · Japan

Woman kills lover, removes his genitals as keepsake

May 18, 1936 Japan Sada Abe (阿部 定) kills her lover during erotic asphyxiation, stays with his body for several hours, and removes his penis and testicles Abe and her lover, Kichizo Ishida (石田 吉蔵), had frequently participated in erotic asphyxiation, with both partners on the receiving end of the choking. Despite their familiarity with… Continue reading Woman kills lover, removes his genitals as keepsake

Female Killers · Illinois

Woman murders toddler with extension cord

April 19, 1993 Chicago, Illinois Amanda Wallace stands her 2-year-old son Joseph on a chair, ties an extension cord between a transom and his neck, waves to him as he waves goodbye, and kicks the chair from beneath him causing him to strangle to death in front of her Wallace had been mentally ill for… Continue reading Woman murders toddler with extension cord


Teenager beaten, strangled during robbery

February 19, 1909 Fife, Scotland 15-year-old Michael Swinton Brown is killed during a robbery Brown was tasked every Friday with collecting the weekly factory wages for his employer, a task which he performed almost mechanically. Every week he took the same route at the same time, a habit Alexander Edmonstone (23) noticed and decided to… Continue reading Teenager beaten, strangled during robbery