Crime Scene Photography · Germany

Call-girl’s high-profile murder and its coverup

October 29, 1957 Frankfurt, Germany Rosemarie Nitribitt, a luxury call-girl, is murdered in her apartment Nitribitt's body was discovered days later on November 1, and showed signs of strangulation as well as a head wound. The case became a high-profile scandal, especially when it became apparent the media and high ranking political figures were trying… Continue reading Call-girl’s high-profile murder and its coverup

Minnesota · Newspaper clippings · Religion

Massive fight breaks out in church (1885)

September 16, 1885 St. Paul, Minnesota 1000 women and children run screaming as a fight breaks out during church The fight broke out between two groups in the church taking opposing sides regarding a scandal of a former pastor and his alleged adulterous affair with a girl from the congregation ("girl" in newspapers from the… Continue reading Massive fight breaks out in church (1885)


Reverend murders his mistress

September 3, 1878 Rockland, Connecticut Rev. H. H. Hayden provides his mistress with a drink containing enough arsenic to kill 25 people, then knocks her unconscious with a rock and slices her throats when she begins screaming, because he believed he had impregnated her Rev. Hayden was a married man with children when he began… Continue reading Reverend murders his mistress

California · Newspaper clippings

Man Living in Attic Kills Lover’s Husband

August 22, 1922 Los Angeles, California Walburga "Dolly" Oesterreich's secret lover she has hidden in her attic shoots and kills her husband before staging the scene as a robbery gone wrong Dolly met her future lover, Otto Sanhuber, when she was 33 and he was 17. The pair quickly transitioned from friends to lovers, meeting… Continue reading Man Living in Attic Kills Lover’s Husband