California · Massacres/Mass Murder · Workplace Violence

Mass shooting ends in suicide

September 9, 2001 Sacramento, California Joseph Ferguson, allegedly upset about being suspended from his security job, kills 5 people before shooting himself Ferguson (20) and his co-worker, Nina Susu (20) had recently stopped dating. In anger, he reportedly vandalized Susu's car which led to his suspension. On September 9, Ferguson used an AK-47, a shotgun,… Continue reading Mass shooting ends in suicide

Massacres/Mass Murder · New Jersey

Man kills neighbors after gate stolen

September 6, 1949 Camden, New Jersey Howard Unruh began a "Walk of Death" in which he shot at his neighbors while he leisurely walked down the street, killing 13 and wounding 3 Unruh became paranoid of his neighbors and kept a diary of all the things he believed they said against him. Next to some… Continue reading Man kills neighbors after gate stolen

Illinois · Newspaper clippings

Man dies of wounds following gun attack

August 28, 1926 Chicago, Illinois An article in the Chicago Daily Tribune describes the event of a maniac on a shooting rampage and the barber who stopped him with a bullet between the eyes. Because the murderer, Joseph Mazza, was an employee of the railroad terminal, it was suspected he held a grievance towards his… Continue reading Man dies of wounds following gun attack

Racially Motivated · Virginia

Disgruntled reporter kills former coworkers 

August 26, 2015 Moneta, Virginia News reporter Alison Parker (pictured, left), cameraman Adam Ward, and executive director of the chamber of commerce Vicki Gardner (pictured, right) are shot on live television by Parker and Ward's former co-worker Vester Lee Flanagan II Flanagan, whose professional name was Bryce Williams, was a reporter at WDBJ with Parker… Continue reading Disgruntled reporter kills former coworkers 

California · Massacres/Mass Murder · Newspaper clippings

Revenge Murders Fueled by Cocaine 

August 22, 1928 Fairfield, California  Leung Ying (alternatively referred to as Loy Yeung) kills 11 at his former employer's house while under the influence of cocaine  Leung had been dismissed by his employer, Wong Gee, for allegedly having a sexual affair (either willingly or forcefully) with Wong's 15-year-old daughter. On the night of August 22,… Continue reading Revenge Murders Fueled by Cocaine