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Teen girls blow up Soviet monument

May 8, 1946 Tallinn, Estonia Schoolgirls Aili Jõgi (14, pictured) and Ageeda Paavel (15) use explosives to destroy a Soviet memorial, which they believed represented oppression and occupation Jõji, maiden name Jürgenson, was quoted as saying of the destruction of the monument: "How long should we watch this red star, a memorial for Russian looters.… Continue reading Teen girls blow up Soviet monument

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Several shot during protests at iron mill (1886)

May 5, 1886 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Laborers demanding an eight-hour workday join in protest at the Milwaukee Iron Company rolling mill Four days earlier, approximately 12,000 laborers joined in protest at the rolling mill; the total in attendance swelled a few thousand more by the climax of the protest, including children. The goal of the protest… Continue reading Several shot during protests at iron mill (1886)

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The Kent State shooting

May 4, 1970 Kent, Ohio The Ohio National Guard fires into a crowd of unarmed students at Kent State University The students had been protesting the Cambodian Campaign which President Nixon had announced a few days before. The University attempted to halt the protest before it began by handing out flyers indicating the event had… Continue reading The Kent State shooting