Illinois · Political

Self-immolation in protest of war in Iraq

November 3, 2006 Chicago, Illinois Malachi Ritscher commits suicide by self-immolation to protest the war in Iraq Ritscher, a musician, recording engineer, and human rights activist, had previously been arrested twice at anti-war protests before his suicide. During morning rush hour on November 3, Ritscher stood on the side of the Kennedy Expressway and lit… Continue reading Self-immolation in protest of war in Iraq

France · Massacres/Mass Murder · Political

Paris Massacre of 1961

October 17, 1961 Paris, France At least 40 and possibly more than 200 Algerian demonstrators are killed by the French National Police Pro-National Liberation Front demonstrators gathered Neuilly Bridge. Recently, the National Liberation Front had increased its bombing in France which brought resentment from the French police towards the demonstrators. The French National Police assembled… Continue reading Paris Massacre of 1961

California · Newspaper clippings · Political

Protestors bomb Los Angeles Times building

October 1, 1910 Los Angeles, California An Iron Workers unionist sets off a bomb in the Los Angeles Times building, killing 21 and injuring over 100 Brothers James and John McNamara planned the explosion to bring attention to their cause, which was to re-unionize the city after the steel and iron industries had successfully reduced… Continue reading Protestors bomb Los Angeles Times building

Massacres/Mass Murder · Pennsylvania

Lattimer Massacre

September 10, 1897 Lattimer mines, Hazelton, Pennsylvania A sheriff's posse fires on a group of 300-400 unarmed coal mine protestors, killing 19 The group of miners, largely comprised of immigrants from Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia, and Poland, were striking the coal mine which employed them. The mine was paying their workers lower than average for the… Continue reading Lattimer Massacre

Poland · Political

Burns self in protest 

September 8, 1968  Warsaw, People's Republic of Poland  Ryszard Siwiec sets himself on fire in protest of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia  Siwiec had prepared his self-immolation months in advance and chose a festival to carry out his plan hoping as many people as possible would witness it, as many as 100,000 including journalists… Continue reading Burns self in protest