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Man executed for extravagant murder scheme

September 30, 1921 Chicago, Illinois Carl Wanderer is hanged for the murder of his pregnant wife and the vagrant he hired to pretend to rob them Wanderer, a decorated soldier during World War I, had been a closeted homosexual and married his wife for money. Allegedly, he planned to kill her after he was informed… Continue reading Man executed for extravagant murder scheme

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Pregnant woman and priest executed

August 18, 1848 San Andrés, Buenos Aires, Argentina 8-months-pregnant Maria Camila O'Gorman Ximénez (20) and her priest lover Father Ladislao Gutiérrez (24) are executed by a firing squad  Father Gutiérrez was a Jesuit priest and his church was the only one within Argentina's Catholic Church to condemn the police state the country was under at… Continue reading Pregnant woman and priest executed