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The martyrdom of Saint Valentine

February 14, 270 (year is approximated) Rome, Italy Saint Valentine is beheaded for marrying Romans to their lovers against the Emperor's command Emperor Claudius the Cruel was disappointed at the lack of men willing to join his army and blamed their lack of enthusiasm on marriage, feeling the reason for low recruitment was due to… Continue reading The martyrdom of Saint Valentine


Two-day riot sparked after beer insulted

February 10, 1355 Oxford, England St. Scholastica's Day Riot In 1355 (depicted here with the incorrect date of 1354), a group of students from Oxford irritated a tavern owner when they remarked their beer was of poor quality. The landlord of the tavern was the town Mayor, and retorted with "stubborn and saucie language." The… Continue reading Two-day riot sparked after beer insulted

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4 men, sewn in costumes, burn to death during party

January 28, 1393 Paris, France Several men, sewn into resin-soaked costumes to resemble shrubbery, are set on fire and are burned alive as "their flaming genitals dropping to the floor" At a masquerade, a suggestion was made for some high-ranking knights to be dressed as "wood savages," sewing them into costumes of linen soaked in… Continue reading 4 men, sewn in costumes, burn to death during party

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Caligula’s assassination

January 24, 41 Palatine Hill, Rome Caligula is assassinated by guards who stab him 30 times, dump his body unceremoniously in a shallow grave, and murder his wife and 1-year-old daughter Caligula was not held in high regard during his reign, despite being descended from beloved Roman nobility. Caligula was known for his sadism, cruelty,… Continue reading Caligula’s assassination