Missouri · Momento Mori and Post-mortem Photography

Family killed following argument over saddle

October 12, 1906 Near Licking, Missouri 20-year-old Jodie Hamilton kills five members of the Parsons family following an argument Hamilton had argued with Carney Parsons (alt. spelled as Carrie or Barney) over a saddle which Hamilton had found on a wandering horse and had not attempted to return to its rightful owner. Parsons threatened to… Continue reading Family killed following argument over saddle


Outlaw murdered following argument 

August 19, 1895 El Paso, Texas Outlaw John Wesley Hardin is killed in a saloon following a heated argument Hardin was an outlaw wanted for several murders, though he claimed any deaths he was responsible for were all in self-defense. One of the killings he admitted to, however, involved a man shot through a wall… Continue reading Outlaw murdered following argument