California · Crime Scene Photography

An apparent murder-suicide (graphic)

January 19, 1947 Los Angeles, California This crime scene is from the book Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective's Scrapbook, a sort of macabre scrapbook of crime scenes, mug shots, and other grizzly photographs collected by Detective Jack Huddleston, text by Katherine Dunn, and edited/designed by Sean Tejaratchi. This particular scene did not include an explanation… Continue reading An apparent murder-suicide (graphic)

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Clippings: murder-suicide in front of young grandchildren, woman strangled

From the Chicago Daily Tribune Published January 6, 1955 A man shot and killed his wife after their recent divorce then fatally shot himself. The shootings occurred while the couple's grandchildren, ages 9 months and 3 1/2 years, were in the apartment. A choir singer, who suffered a crippling injury to her arm from childhood… Continue reading Clippings: murder-suicide in front of young grandchildren, woman strangled

California · Crime Scene Photography · Newspaper clippings

Murder-suicide of doctor and model couple

November 17, 1941 Los Angeles, California The body of Kay Pengra Nolan is examined 2 days after her husband murdered her Kay and Dr. Stuart Nolan had been married 3 months before the murder-suicide. The doctor had given his wife a sedative via hypodermic needle, bathed her, cut her wrists with either a scalpel or… Continue reading Murder-suicide of doctor and model couple

New York

Man murders wife, children then kills self

October 18, 2011 Cross River, New York Sam Friedlander beats his wife Amy to death, shoots their children Molly (10) and Gregory (8), and kills himself Before the murder-suicide, Sam and Amy had been in the middle of a bitter divorce. Sam's friends stated Sam had alleged Amy was trying to use the children against… Continue reading Man murders wife, children then kills self

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Mass shooting at Amish school

October 2, 2006 Bart Township, Pennsylvania Charles Carl Roberts IV enters an Amish school, shoots 10 girls 5 of whom die, then kills himself Roberts armed himself with a handgun, shotgun, and rifle then stormed into a local Amish school. He ordered those inside the school to line up in front of the chalkboard, then… Continue reading Mass shooting at Amish school