Australia · Massacres/Mass Murder · Racially Motivated

The Wirrayaraay massacre

June 10, 1838 Near Bingara, New South Wales, Australia Approximately 35 Australian Aboriginals of the Wirrayaraay are massacred by a group of colonial settlers The group of indigenous people had been camping peacefully at a European station who offered them protection from marauders when the Wirrayaraay were targeted by a group of stockmen who had… Continue reading The Wirrayaraay massacre

China · Massacres/Mass Murder · Political

Tiananmen Square Massacre

June 4, 1989 Beijing, China Chinese troops kill pro-democracy protestors at Tiananmen Square The protestors, primarily students, gathered in Beijing to call for the resignation of Chinese Communist Party leaders. After weeks of protests, the Chinese government sent in troops and tanks to disperse the protestors, shooting or running over the demonstrators who in turn… Continue reading Tiananmen Square Massacre

Kansas · Massacres/Mass Murder · Political

The Potawatomi Massacre: 5 pro-slavery men killed by abolitionists

May 24, 1856 Franklin County, Kansas John Brown, 4 of his sons, and 2 accomplices (one of whom later claimed to have been forced to assist) kill 5 pro-slavery men with broadswords and guns in retaliation following a pro-slavery attack against abolitionists Prior to the Potawatomi Massacre, a group led by a sheriff and containing… Continue reading The Potawatomi Massacre: 5 pro-slavery men killed by abolitionists

Belgium · Religion

Brussels massacre of 1370

May 22, 1370 Brussels, Belgium Between 6 and 20 Jews are executed at the stake while the remainder are banished after allegedly desecrating hosts The actual motive behind the attack is disputed, depending on the source. The Christians of the area alleged a group of Jews desecrated hosts during the Holy Eucharist, a ceremony commemorating… Continue reading Brussels massacre of 1370

Japan · Massacres/Mass Murder

30 killed by man upset his advances were rejected

May 21, 1938 Kamo, Empire of Japan Mutsuo Toi (都井 睦雄) kills 30 when local women reject his sexual advances Toi had been a hikikomori (a recluse or shut-in) earlier in life, but became very sexually motivated. Along these lines, he displayed an interest in Sada Abe and had begun to write a novel about… Continue reading 30 killed by man upset his advances were rejected