Massacres/Mass Murder · New York

Palm Sunday massacre

April 15, 1984 Brooklyn, New York Christopher Thomas shoots and kills several women and children as they are relaxing in their home, leaving an 11-month-old as the only survivor Thomas had allegedly bought drugs from the home owner, Enrique Bermudez, in the past and suspected Bermudez of sleeping with Thomas' wife. The victims included Bermudez's… Continue reading Palm Sunday massacre

Massacres/Mass Murder · Pennsylvania · Workplace Violence

The Dearing family murders

April 7, 1866 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Six members of the Dearing family, a family friend, and a fieldhand are murdered The Dearing family (misspelled in the top picture as “Deering”) and two others were lured into a barn and systematically murdered with an axe and hammer. The victims were Christopher Dearing (38), Julia Dearing (45), John… Continue reading The Dearing family murders

Crime Scene Photography · Massacres/Mass Murder · Religion · Uganda

Kanungu doomsday massacre (graphic)

March 17, 2000 Kanungu, Uganda Hundreds of followers of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God are killed in a mass murder The cult called Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God had been established in the 1980s when 2 men, a banana beer brewer and a politician,… Continue reading Kanungu doomsday massacre (graphic)

England · Massacres/Mass Murder · Racially Motivated · Religion

1190 Jewish Massacre

March 16, 1190 York, England Approximately 150 Jews, the entire Jewish population of York, are murdered or commit suicide The 12th Century in Western Europe was particularly unkind to the Jews, partially due to the Crusades. Additionally, local men of wealth who owed the Jewish money-lenders large sums of money tried to stir tension with… Continue reading 1190 Jewish Massacre