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Woman executed for driving truck into a crowd of people

March 12, 1975 Prague, Czechoslovakia Olga Hepnarová is hanged for driving a truck into a group of people, killing 8 and injuring 12 The murders took place on July 10, 1973. Her targets were people waiting for a tram, and those killed were elderly between 60 to 79 years old. Her alleged motive for the… Continue reading Woman executed for driving truck into a crowd of people

Canada · Massacres/Mass Murder

Man murders, dismembers, and cannibalizes 8

September 5, 1970 Creston, British Columbia, Canada Dale Merle Nelson, reportedly high on LSD and drunk, goes on a murder/mutilation/cannibalizing spree leaving 8 dead Shortly after midnight on September 5, Nelson visited the home of a distant relative, Shirley Wasyk, as he knew her husband would not be home. He beat Shirley with a fire… Continue reading Man murders, dismembers, and cannibalizes 8

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Revenge Murders Fueled by Cocaine 

August 22, 1928 Fairfield, California  Leung Ying (alternatively referred to as Loy Yeung) kills 11 at his former employer's house while under the influence of cocaine  Leung had been dismissed by his employer, Wong Gee, for allegedly having a sexual affair (either willingly or forcefully) with Wong's 15-year-old daughter. On the night of August 22,… Continue reading Revenge Murders Fueled by Cocaine