Japan · Massacres/Mass Murder

30 killed by man upset his advances were rejected

May 21, 1938 Kamo, Empire of Japan Mutsuo Toi (都井 睦雄) kills 30 when local women reject his sexual advances Toi had been a hikikomori (a recluse or shut-in) earlier in life, but became very sexually motivated. Along these lines, he displayed an interest in Sada Abe and had begun to write a novel about… Continue reading 30 killed by man upset his advances were rejected

Massacres/Mass Murder · Michigan · School Violence

Man kills wife, blows up elementary school (1927)

May 18, 1927 Bath Township, Michigan Andrew Kehoe, angry over rising taxes and his recent defeat in an election for township clerk, goes on a rampage ending in the deaths of 45 and the injuries of 58 Kehoe's wife, ill with tuberculosis, was discharged from the hospital May 16; it was the last time she… Continue reading Man kills wife, blows up elementary school (1927)

Germany · Massacres/Mass Murder

Erfurt school massacre

April 26, 2002 Erfurt, Germany 19-year-old Robert Steinhäuser begins a shooting spree at his former school, killing 17 including himself and wounding one Though the motive behind the attack is unclear, it is widely believed Steinhäuser was angry over his expulsion from the school. His victims were predominantly teachers and other school staff, but he… Continue reading Erfurt school massacre

Massacres/Mass Murder · Political · Turkey

The beginning of the Armenian genocide

April 24, 1915 Ottoman Empire The Armenian genocide begins with the gathering, arrest, and deportation of between 235 - 270 community leaders and intellectuals, the majority of whom are later murdered, ending in 1923 with approximately 1.5 million deaths Though Armenians were largely targeted by the Ottoman Empire, other groups were selected as well, including… Continue reading The beginning of the Armenian genocide

Colorado · Massacres/Mass Murder · School Violence

The Columbine massacre

April 20, 1999 Columbine, Colorado Two teenaged males commit an act of terrorism at their school, resulting in 15 deaths and 24 injuries The boys' motive is unclear, but journal entries left behind suggested they wanted to rival the Oklahoma City bombing from a few years prior. (The Columbine massacre took place the day after… Continue reading The Columbine massacre