11 Italians lynched for police chief’s murder

March 14, 1891 New Orleans, Louisiana Eleven people of Italian descent are lynched for allegedly murdering police chief David Hennessy Hennessy had been shot several times by a group of assailants as he walked home on October 15, 1890. When asked who had shot him, he replied “Dagoes,” a slur used against Italians. He died… Continue reading 11 Italians lynched for police chief’s murder

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Man chained to roof, burned alive by lynch mob

January 12, 1931 Maryville, Missouri A vigilante mob chains a man to the roof of a school and set on fire Gunn had been accused of attempting to rape and successfully killing a 19- or 20-year-old teacher. He confessed to the murder, though many suspect he confessed under duress during his interrogation. Even if the… Continue reading Man chained to roof, burned alive by lynch mob

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Clippings: a substantial drop in lynchings; woman shoots and kills “unwanted visitor”

From the Chicago Daily Tribune Published December 29, 1936 Tuskegee, Alabama Logan, West Virginia "Only" 9 lynches were reported for the year, down from a 3-year average of 21 per year. A woman shot and killed an "unwelcome visitor" in her home when he would not leave.

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The Hole That Won’t Stay Filled

December 3, 1864 Newton, Alabama Methodist minister Bill Sketoe is hanged for betraying the Confederacy, and begins a local ghost story Sketoe had either deserting the Confederate Army or had aided pro-Union renegades (or possibly something else entirely) and was lynched for his betrayal. Because of his large frame, he bent the branch in which… Continue reading The Hole That Won’t Stay Filled