California · Female Killers

Woman stabs ex-girlfriend 91 times

March 13, 2010 Sacramento, California Lan Anh Le stabs her former girlfriend, Monica Anderson, 91 times in a fit of rage and jealousy The night leading up to the murder, Anderson (26) and Le (20) met and socialized with one of Anderson’s friends, Ryan Millwee. Millwee later mentioned he thought it was odd the couple… Continue reading Woman stabs ex-girlfriend 91 times

California · Female Killers

Mass poisoner dies in prison

March 7, 1910 San Francisco, California Cordelia Botkin (pictured) dies in prison Botkin had been involved in an affair with John Dunning for three years before his wife, Mary, discovered the infidelity. Mary took their daughter and moved to Dover, Delaware, roughly 2,900 miles (4,670 km) away. John and Botkin continued their affair for some… Continue reading Mass poisoner dies in prison

California · Female Killers

Woman beaten, shot to death in home

February 24, 1986 Van Nuys, California Sherri Rasmussen (29) is killed in her home; her murder remained unsolved for more than two decades Rasmussen’s body was found by her husband of three months, John Ruetten, when he returned to their condominium. Rasmussen had been beaten, with one eye swollen shut while the other was wide… Continue reading Woman beaten, shot to death in home

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Jealous woman killed by her lover

April 14, 1914 New York, New York Alberta Thomas is killed by her romantic interest after she became jealous of another woman Thomas confronted her boyfriend for his interest in another woman, and in response he shot at her 4 times, striking her twice (once in the breast and once in the neck). He then… Continue reading Jealous woman killed by her lover

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Happy Land Social Club Fire, set by man angry at his ex, kills 87

March 25, 1990 Bronx, New York 87 people die and 6 are injured in a fire set intentionally by a jealous ex-boyfriend at an illegally-operating night club Happy Land had been ordered to close in 1988 due to a lack of sufficient sprinklers and fire exits. Additionally, the club had blocked the few fire exits… Continue reading Happy Land Social Club Fire, set by man angry at his ex, kills 87