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The only man executed for train robbery

April 26, 1901 Clayton, New Mexico territory Thomas "Black Jack" Ketchum is hanged for train robbery, the only person executed for this crime Ketchum admitted he modeled his style after the infamous criminal Black Jack, but claimed he was not the real one. When he was sentenced to hang, he reinforced his innocence of the… Continue reading The only man executed for train robbery

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The Boston Martyrs are executed

October 27, 1659 Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony Marmaduke Stevenson and William Robinson are hanged for being Quakers, a violation of a religious banishment sentenced upon them Stevenson and Robinson were two of three of the Boston Martyrs; the third, Mary Dyer was executed by hanging on June 1, 1660. Stevenson's Last Words were "This day… Continue reading The Boston Martyrs are executed