Crime Scene Photography · New York

Crime boss Frankie Yale murdered

July 1, 1928 Brooklyn, New York Crime boss Frankie Yale (born Francesco Ioele) is murdered as he drives home Directly before his death, Yale received a phone from an anonymous caller claiming Yale’s wife, Lucy, was in trouble. Yale rushed home in his new car which had been outfitted with armored plating. It did not,… Continue reading Crime boss Frankie Yale murdered

California · Crime Scene Photography

Four on the floor: the Wonderland murders

July 1, 1981 Los Angeles, California Four people are beaten to death with a hammer and a metal pipe while another is seriously injured The attack was on several members of the Wonderland Gang, a group of cocaine dealers. The gang had been involved in the home invasion and robbery of the home of Eddie… Continue reading Four on the floor: the Wonderland murders

Illinois · Newspaper clippings

Child murderer murdered by teens 

September 1, 1994Chicago, IllinoisRobert "Yummy" Sandifer is murdered by members of his own gang Sandifer, nicknamed "Yummy" because of his love for cookies, had been ordered by his gang to carry out a hit. On August 28, he used a 9mm semiautomatic pistol, firing into a group of youths and fled the scene. Several were injured… Continue reading Child murderer murdered by teens