Disasters · Illinois · Newspaper clippings

Aftermath of the Iroquois Theater fire

From the Chicago Daily Tribune Published December 31, 1903 Several pages dedicated to the fire at the Iroquois Theater the day before depicts the scene in which 571 died from either the fire, suffocation, or injuries sustained from attempting to escape. The entire 7 pages of articles addressing the disaster can be read here. (Note:… Continue reading Aftermath of the Iroquois Theater fire

Disasters · Massachusetts

Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire

November 28, 1942 Boston, Massachusetts A fire overtakes the Cocoanut Grove nightclub, killing 492 The club was packed beyond capacity, which was authorized to house 460 people at most. At some point during the night, a young man unscrewed a lightbulb in a corner of the nightclub to kiss his date with some privacy. A… Continue reading Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire