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The Collinwood school fire

March 4, 1908 Collinwood, Ohio The Lake View School catches fire resulting in the deaths of 173 students and 2 teachers The fire’s cause is still considered of unknown origin, though several theories were considered. Officially, the coroner noted the fire was started by heating pipes, which ran adjacent to exposed wooden beams, ignited the… Continue reading The Collinwood school fire

California · Massacres/Mass Murder

Father kills wife, 6 kids

February 6, 1996 Glendale, California Jorjik Avanesian kills his wife Turan and their 6 children by setting their one-room apartment on fire Jorjik set fire to the apartment, allegedly because his wife and eldest daughters had been using drugs which made them promiscuous. When investigators searched the remains of the apartment, they found 4 bodies… Continue reading Father kills wife, 6 kids

Disasters · France

4 men, sewn in costumes, burn to death during party

January 28, 1393 Paris, France Several men, sewn into resin-soaked costumes to resemble shrubbery, are set on fire and are burned alive as "their flaming genitals dropping to the floor" At a masquerade, a suggestion was made for some high-ranking knights to be dressed as "wood savages," sewing them into costumes of linen soaked in… Continue reading 4 men, sewn in costumes, burn to death during party

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Aftermath of the Iroquois Theater fire

From the Chicago Daily Tribune Published December 31, 1903 Several pages dedicated to the fire at the Iroquois Theater the day before depicts the scene in which 571 died from either the fire, suffocation, or injuries sustained from attempting to escape. The entire 7 pages of articles addressing the disaster can be read here. (Note:… Continue reading Aftermath of the Iroquois Theater fire