Pre-teen murdered by her adoptive parents

September 21, 2013 Galicia, Spain 12-year-old Asunta Basterra is killed by her adoptive parents Asunta was adopted when she was a year old by a wealthy couple: lawyer Rosario Porto Ortega and journalist Alfonso Basterra Camporro. She attended a prestigious school and showed talent in music and ballet, studied Mandarin Chinese, and had an English-language… Continue reading Pre-teen murdered by her adoptive parents

Illinois · New Mexico · Newspaper clippings

Three unfortunate tales

Published in the Chicago Tribune September 20, 1936 Chicago, Illinois Crown Point, New Mexico A father strangled and bludgeoned his 15-year-old daughter while excessively drunk, drank a pint of whiskey next to her body, tried to hang himself, then turned himself in to police requesting to be executed in the electric chair. Also accompanying the… Continue reading Three unfortunate tales

Crime Scene Photography · Female Killers · Germany

Mother kills son and ex, shoots bystanders, is killed by police

September 19, 2010 Lörach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Sabine Radmacher kills her son, her ex-partner, and a nurse, and injures 18 others directly or indirectly before she is shot and killed by police It's not clear why Radmacher began the attack, but it is suspected it was brought about by a possible argument over the custody of… Continue reading Mother kills son and ex, shoots bystanders, is killed by police

Female Killers · Minnesota

Mother strangles 6 children before attempting suicide

September 3, 1998 St. Paul, Minnesota Khoua Her systematically strangled her 6 children, ages 5 to 11, before attempting suicide Her had been married at 12 and a mother of 6 by 21. She and her husband, the children's father, had become estranged and she felt a financial strain to the point she was facing… Continue reading Mother strangles 6 children before attempting suicide

Canada · Female Killers

Mother drowns infant, self

August 18, 2003 Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador Zachary Turner (1) is drugged by his mother and is strapped by his mother to her chest before she jumps into the Atlantic Ocean Zachary's mother, Shirley Jane Turner, was a suspect in the murder of Zachary's father, Andrew David Bagby, at the time of the… Continue reading Mother drowns infant, self