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Mass-poisoner executed

February 26, 1852* Rennes, France Hélène Jégado is executed for murder * Note: the exact date of Jégado’s execution seems to be up for debate, with sources claiming either February 26 or 27, 1852, March 1852, or December 1851. For this entry, I chose to use the date listed in Fatal Violence: Case Studies and… Continue reading Mass-poisoner executed

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Serial killer Franz Fuchs dies in an apparent suicide

February 26, 2000 Graz, Austria Serial killer Franz Fuchs, who used bombs to target Roma people and their advocates, is found dead in his cell following an apparent suicide In December 1993, Fuchs sent out his first wave of mail bombs, targeting those who advocated for Roma refugees; several targets were injured. A second wave… Continue reading Serial killer Franz Fuchs dies in an apparent suicide