Washington DC

The Ouija Board gets its patent

February 10, 1891 Washington, D.C., United States Elijah J. Bond's Ouija Board is granted its patent The Ouija Board, considered a "toy or game," at least for the sake of the patent, originally utilized a planchette with tall legs and a pointed end rather than the lower, heart-shaped version with a small window in which… Continue reading The Ouija Board gets its patent

Canada · Executions

Man hanged, possibly wrongfully, for the murder of a teenage tourist

February 10, 1956 Montreal, Quebec Wilbert Coffin (pictured) is hanged for the murder of an American tourist Eugene Lindsay, his 17-year-old son Richard, and 20-year-old family friend Frederick Claar traveled from Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania to the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec to hunt bears. They departed on June 5, 1953 and were last seen on June 10,… Continue reading Man hanged, possibly wrongfully, for the murder of a teenage tourist

Executions · Guatemala · Massacres/Mass Murder

Man’s televised execution is botched

February 10, 1998 Guatemala City, Guatemala Manuel Martinez Coronado is executed for the murders of 7 Coronado had been convicted of killing a family of seven — including four children ages 2 to 12 — in 1995 following a land dispute. He was convicted, primarily upon the testimony of a 10-year-old witness, though Amnesty International… Continue reading Man’s televised execution is botched