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FLW: is it safe?

Famous Last Words William Palmer Stafford, Staffordshire, England June 14, 1856 “Are you sure it’s safe?” (Attributed) Palmer was hanged for the murders of his friend, John Cook. It was suspected that Palmer, a man who enjoyed gambling but was not particularly good at it, had poisoned fellow-gambler Cook to steal his winnings. Palmer had… Continue reading FLW: is it safe?

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FLW: warning sinners to beware of doing evil

Famous Last Words Bob Brown Mayfield, Kentucky June 9, 1893 “I am prepared to meet my God and I warn all sinners to beware of doing evil.” Brown was hanged for the murder of Albert Colley (alt. spelling: Cooley, Kolly) at a “house of ill repute.” Colley was told by the proprietress and Brown’s lover,… Continue reading FLW: warning sinners to beware of doing evil