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Three violent tales (1890)

December 27, 1890 Albuquerque, NM Washington, IN Cleveland, OH The Chicago Daily Tribune (December 27, 1890) runs a series of misfortunate events that happened the day before, including the death of an inmate by a prison cook, a man who blew up a hotel where his wife worked after he was not permitted to see… Continue reading Three violent tales (1890)

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Oppau factory explosion

September 21, 1921 Oppau, Germany An explosion at a factory producing ammonium nitrate kills between 500 to 600 and wounds another 2,000 The explosion's exact cause is unknown as all involved died from the blast, but it's believed to have been due to a practice of loosening ammonium nitrate (an explosive fertilizer) build-up with dynamite.… Continue reading Oppau factory explosion