Canada · Massacres/Mass Murder

Man murders, dismembers, and cannibalizes 8

September 5, 1970 Creston, British Columbia, Canada Dale Merle Nelson, reportedly high on LSD and drunk, goes on a murder/mutilation/cannibalizing spree leaving 8 dead Shortly after midnight on September 5, Nelson visited the home of a distant relative, Shirley Wasyk, as he knew her husband would not be home. He beat Shirley with a fire… Continue reading Man murders, dismembers, and cannibalizes 8

Alabama · Newspaper clippings · Ohio

2 children butcher third; man shot by neighbor 

August 24, 1885 Montgomery, Alabama  Three children between 4 and 11 were involved in a bizarre reenactment of a butchering they witnessed the day before, using the youngest as a substitute for the pig. Despite being published in several newspapers across the country, little else can be found to verify this claim. Akron, Ohio A… Continue reading 2 children butcher third; man shot by neighbor 

England · Executions · Political

Execution of William Wallace

August 23, 1305 Smithfield, London, Middlesex, England William Wallace is executed for treason and wartime atrocities against non-combatants "sparing neither age nor sex, monk nor nun" Wallace was a Scottish knight and one of the instrumental leaders in the Wars of Scottish Independence and managed to avoid capture by the English until he was given… Continue reading Execution of William Wallace