California · Crime Scene Photography

Woman stabbed to death, supposedly because of marijuana (graphic)

May 16, 1939 Los Angeles, California A woman is examined following her death, stabbed repeatedly by her lover because of, according to this collection, marijuana. This murder happened during the height of the marijuana-scare; the infamous anti-marijuana propaganda film Reefer Madness had come out three years prior. Photo from Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective's Scrapbook

Crime Scene Photography · Pennsylvania

Vintage police photography: breaking in to a drug trafficking ring

April 22, 1955 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Detective Thomas Murray uses a sledgehammer to break down a door The event was part of a city-wide dope bust, attempting to end drug trafficking in the city. According to the caption accompanying the photo, it was the “biggest mass raid in Philadelphia”. Source: New York Journal American Photographic Morgue


Man murders ex with heroin overdose for being an informant

October 20, 1976 Tucson, Arizona Jimmie Wayne Jeffers murders his former girlfriend with an overdose of heroin Jeffers discovered his ex-girlfriend, Penelope Cheney, was giving police information about Jeffers' heroin transactions while he was incarcerated. Angry, he attempted to enlist a fellow inmate to perform a hit on Cheney, but the communication was intercepted by… Continue reading Man murders ex with heroin overdose for being an informant

Florida · Newspaper clippings

Woman and granddaughter murdered by boarder 

September 19, 1993*  Casselberry, Florida  Edward James strangled and rapes an 8-year-old before stabbing her grandmother to death  *Note: because the events began sometime before midnight and continued into the following day's early hours, court documents list the date of the offense as September 19 while newspapers reported the date as September 20.  James had… Continue reading Woman and granddaughter murdered by boarder