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FLW: traitor to the throne forgives his executioner

Famous Last Words Major-General Thomas Harrison October 13, 1660 London, England "I do forgive thee with all my heart … Alas poor man, thou doith it ignorantly, the Lord grant that this sin may be laid to thy charge." (Spoken to the executioner after he asked to be forgiven.) Harrison had signed the death warrant… Continue reading FLW: traitor to the throne forgives his executioner

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Execution of William Wallace

August 23, 1305 Smithfield, London, Middlesex, England William Wallace is executed for treason and wartime atrocities against non-combatants "sparing neither age nor sex, monk nor nun" Wallace was a Scottish knight and one of the instrumental leaders in the Wars of Scottish Independence and managed to avoid capture by the English until he was given… Continue reading Execution of William Wallace