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Father murders 6 children then commits suicide

October 2, 1956 Clinton, North Carolina A 35-year-old father shoots his 6 children, bashes the in their heads with either the butt of a gun or an ax, then shoots himself between the eyes with a shotgun The children were Alice (10), Joseph (9), Melvin (7), Ruth (5), Jerry (4), and Sue (2). The children's… Continue reading Father murders 6 children then commits suicide

Executions · Missouri · Newspaper clippings

Wife-murderer hanged

August 21, 1896 Macon, Missouri  George W. Anderson is hanged for the murder of his second wife Anderson's second wife was the widow of his first wife's brother and the mother of a 4-year-old. They separated 7 months into their marriage but reconciled after 4 to 6 weeks of separation. On May 27, 1896, following… Continue reading Wife-murderer hanged