Massacres/Mass Murder · Texas

Man kills wife, 8 step-children

December 5, 1926 Farewell, Texas George Hassell kills his wife and eight step-children Hassell had previously been married, but his first wife and three children apparently packed up and abandoned Hassell in 1917. When his brother was killed by a mule kick, Hassell married his brother’s widow Susie and took her eight children under his… Continue reading Man kills wife, 8 step-children


Flight 19’s disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle

December 5, 1945 Bermuda Triangle A group of five torpedo bombers known collectively as Flight 19 disappear without a trace The bombers were returning from a navigation training flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida when United States Navy Lieutenant Charles Carroll Taylor informed base his compasses were not functional and he did not know his location.… Continue reading Flight 19’s disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle