New Mexico

New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot

February 3, 1980 Santa Fe, New Mexico The New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot ends on the second day The riot was sparked by guards encouraging inmates to turn into informants leading to the "snitches" being targeted in the prison, inadequate conditions -- including overpopulation (at the time of the incident 1,136 prisoners were housed in… Continue reading New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot

Crime Scene Photography · Ohio · Serial Killers

Cleveland Torso Murderer’s third victim

January 26, 1936 Cleveland, Ohio The body of Florence Polillo, the third victim of the Cleveland Torso Murderer, is found The Cleveland Torso Murderer was a serial killer with 12 known victims and another 8 suspected victims between 1935-1938. Polillo was the second and last victim to be positively identified and the third known victim.… Continue reading Cleveland Torso Murderer’s third victim

New Jersey · Newspaper clippings

Woman throws mother’s severed head at capitol

December 23, 1978 The Tennessean (Nashville, TN) runs an article about a woman in Trenton, New Jersey who decapitated her mother, stabbed a small American flag into the neck, placed it in a plastic bag, rammed her car into the capitol building, and threw the package out of the vehicle's window while yelling "Merry Christmas.… Continue reading Woman throws mother’s severed head at capitol

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Various articles of crime, death, and misfortune

From the Chicago Sunday Tribune Published October 19, 1924 Havre, France Chicago, Illinois Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania New York, New York Worchester, Massachusetts A woman shot and wounds her third husband with a shotgun, allegedly because she wanted to remarry her second husband whom she married when he was just 16-years-old. A man who lost $20,000 (over… Continue reading Various articles of crime, death, and misfortune