Newspaper clippings · West Virginia

The first sighting of the Mothman

November 12, 1966 Point Pleasant, West Virginia The cryptid known as the Mothman is first seen The Mothman has been described as around six feet tall and possessing a wingspan of 10 feet with either brown or grey feathers, and often with red eyes. Occasionally it was noted the creature had no head. Some called… Continue reading The first sighting of the Mothman


An artist rendering of the Abominable Snowman carrying a yak above its head

April 20, 1958 An artist rendition of the Abominable Snowman is published The caption with the piece reads: “Against an actual backdrop of the Abominable Snowman's wild Himalayan habitat, artist depicts the legendary ape-man as seen by Sherpas.” Source: New York Journal American Photographic Morgue