Disasters · Japan

Suicidal pilot crashes plane, kills 24

February 9, 1982 Tokyo Bay, Japan Seiji Katagiri, pilot of Japan Air Lines Flight 350, intentionally crashes the plane in Tokyo Bay, killing 24 on board Katagiri had allegedly been suicidal when he sabotaged the plane by engaging 2 of its engine thrust-reversers in flight. The plane's First Officer and First Engineer attempted to restrain… Continue reading Suicidal pilot crashes plane, kills 24

Disasters · New York · Newspaper clippings

Train crash kills a dozen in fire

From the New York Herald Published January 14, 1882 An article is published describing a railway accident which claimed the lives of a Senator as well as several others The accident happened the day before, on Friday the 13th. It involved a train carrying 13 cars, mostly filled with politicians. The train was running late,… Continue reading Train crash kills a dozen in fire

Disasters · Egypt

Train hits school bus, killing 50+

November 17, 2012 Manfalut, Egypt A train hits a school bus carrying approximately 70 children, killing at least 50 as well as the driver and wounding 17 The incident occurred due to a crossing worker allegedly being asleep when the bus approached the crossing, leading to the crossing barricades not being lowered. Additionally, police did… Continue reading Train hits school bus, killing 50+

Illinois · New Mexico · Newspaper clippings

Three unfortunate tales

Published in the Chicago Tribune September 20, 1936 Chicago, Illinois Crown Point, New Mexico A father strangled and bludgeoned his 15-year-old daughter while excessively drunk, drank a pint of whiskey next to her body, tried to hang himself, then turned himself in to police requesting to be executed in the electric chair. Also accompanying the… Continue reading Three unfortunate tales