Disasters · Egypt

Train hits school bus, killing 50+

November 17, 2012 Manfalut, Egypt A train hits a school bus carrying approximately 70 children, killing at least 50 as well as the driver and wounding 17 The incident occurred due to a crossing worker allegedly being asleep when the bus approached the crossing, leading to the crossing barricades not being lowered. Additionally, police did… Continue reading Train hits school bus, killing 50+

Illinois · New Mexico · Newspaper clippings

Three unfortunate tales

Published in the Chicago Tribune September 20, 1936 Chicago, Illinois Crown Point, New Mexico A father strangled and bludgeoned his 15-year-old daughter while excessively drunk, drank a pint of whiskey next to her body, tried to hang himself, then turned himself in to police requesting to be executed in the electric chair. Also accompanying the… Continue reading Three unfortunate tales

Disasters · Virginia

First airplane cash fatality

September 17, 1908 Fort Myer, Virginia Thomas Selfridge, a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army, becomes the first airplane fatality at the age of 26 Orville Wright had taken Lt. Selfridge on a flight in the Wright Flyer and had successfully made four circuits today around Fort Myer. Halfway through the fifth circuit, the aircraft's… Continue reading First airplane cash fatality

Disasters · England

Airplane crash kills 61 including children 

August 23, 1944  Freckleton, Lancashire, England A Consolidated B-24 Liberator of the United States Army Air Forces crashes due to a storm, killing 61 including 38 children  The aircraft had been flying over Lancashire, England when a storm with 60 mph winds hit. The plane's crew likely underestimated the severity of the storm until it… Continue reading Airplane crash kills 61 including children