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Washing his hands in flames

February 4, 1555 London, England John Rogers becomes the first of many martyrs under Mary I Rogers had been a Catholic priest, but he disagreed certain views within the Church, so he left England to Holland. Once in Holland, he met a Protestant reformer and converted to Protestant views. During this time he also met… Continue reading Washing his hands in flames

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English scholar and Bible translator executed

October 6, 1536 Near Vilvoorde, Duchy of Brabant, Seventeen Provinces (modern day Belgium) William Tyndale is executed for speaking out against the Catholic Church's rule over England Tyndale, a Protestant, had translated the Bible in English using Hebrew and Greek texts (which became the basis of the King James Bible) and had done so to… Continue reading English scholar and Bible translator executed

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Death of the Blood Countess

August 21, 1614 Čachtice, Kingdom of Hungary, Habsburg monarchy (now Slovakia) Báthory Erzsébet (also known as Elizabeth Báthory) dies at the age of 54 after 4 years of solitary confinement, bricked into her cell with only small slits left in the walls for ventilation and to allow the passage of food Báthory, known as the… Continue reading Death of the Blood Countess