Ireland · Massacres/Mass Murder · Political

Remembrance Day bombing

November 8, 1987 Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland A bomb set by the Irish Republican Army explodes near a memorial of British soldiers on Remembrance Day, killing 12 and injuring 63 Of the 12 killed, most were elderly pensioners. The IRA admitted a mistake in the bombing, stating their intended target had been British soldiers… Continue reading Remembrance Day bombing

California · Newspaper clippings · Political

Protestors bomb Los Angeles Times building

October 1, 1910 Los Angeles, California An Iron Workers unionist sets off a bomb in the Los Angeles Times building, killing 21 and injuring over 100 Brothers James and John McNamara planned the explosion to bring attention to their cause, which was to re-unionize the city after the steel and iron industries had successfully reduced… Continue reading Protestors bomb Los Angeles Times building

Alabama · Crime Scene Photography · Racially Motivated

16th Street Baptist Church Bombing 

September 15, 1963 Birmingham, Alabama  A timebomb planted by 4 KKK members explodes at the 16th Street Baptist Church, killing 4 girls The victims [l to r: Denise McNair (11), Carole Robertson (14), Addie Mae Collins (14), Cynthia Wesley (14)] had been in the church's basement when a phone call came in to the church.… Continue reading 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing 


Björk’s stalker kills self

September 12, 1996 Hollywood, Florida Ricardo López mails a letter bomb to singer Björk then commits suicide on video In the 3 years leading up to his suicide, López had become obsessed with Icelandic singer Björk, recording various videos of himself documenting "my life, my art, and my plan." López left behind 11 two-hour video… Continue reading Björk’s stalker kills self