Germany · Massacres/Mass Murder

The Hinterkaifeck murders

March 31, 1922 Hinterkaifeck, Germany (present-day Waidhofen, Bavaria, Germany) A family of 5 and their maid are murdered in their home Around 6 months before the murders, the family’s previous maid quit, complaining the farm was haunted; her replacement, Maria Baumgartner, began working the day of the murders and was killed within hours of arriving.… Continue reading The Hinterkaifeck murders

Connecticut · Massacres/Mass Murder

America’s first mass murder

February 3, 1780 Washington, Connecticut America's first mass murder is carried out by Barnett Davenport Davenport was only 19 when he used a swingle, a 2-foot-long wooden knife-like instrument with a blunt edge used to beat flax for linen production, to murder his benefactors and their 8-year-old granddaughter. He then stole any valuables the house… Continue reading America’s first mass murder

Newspaper clippings · Pennsylvania

Man murders woman because of “sudden impulse”

January 10, 1950 Lancaster, Pennsylvania Edward Lester Gibbs kills Marian Baker on a "sudden impulse" On January 10, Gibbs (25) offered Baker (21) a ride. She accepted as she was rushed that day, needing to finish work at the Treasurer's Office and had an appointment to have her hair done. Instead of bringing her to… Continue reading Man murders woman because of “sudden impulse”


Man kills wife, children, parents to keep a 2 decade lie about his job from being exposed

January 9, 1993 France Jean-Claude Romand, fearing his 18-year lie of claiming to be a doctor is about to be exposed, bludgeons his wife, sleeps next to her body, shoots his kids the following day, and his parents the day after Romand's deceit began by telling people he had passed a medical exam when, in… Continue reading Man kills wife, children, parents to keep a 2 decade lie about his job from being exposed