Teenager beaten, strangled during robbery

February 19, 1909 Fife, Scotland 15-year-old Michael Swinton Brown is killed during a robbery Brown was tasked every Friday with collecting the weekly factory wages for his employer, a task which he performed almost mechanically. Every week he took the same route at the same time, a habit Alexander Edmonstone (23) noticed and decided to… Continue reading Teenager beaten, strangled during robbery

Female Killers · Illinois

Teenager beaten, strangled, burned, and dismembered

January 21, 2005 East Moline, Illinois Adrianne Leigh Reynolds (16) is beaten and strangled to death, set on fire, dismembered, and dumped by two fellow students Sarah Kolb (16 at the time of the murder) and Corey Gregory (also 16 at the time) befriended Reynolds after she moved to East Moline from Texas. On January… Continue reading Teenager beaten, strangled, burned, and dismembered

El Salvador · Religion

Missionaries murdered by soldiers

December 2, 1980 El Salvador Four missionaries are kidnapped, beaten, raped, and murdered by El Salvador National Guard soldiers The victims were Maura Clarke (49, New York), Ita Ford (40, New York), Dorothy Kazel (40, Cleveland), and Jean Donovan (27, Cleveland). Originally, the Salvadoran government claimed the women were victims of a robbery. However, in… Continue reading Missionaries murdered by soldiers

Ireland · Political

The brutal murders of two IRA brothers

November 26, 1920 Shanaglish, Ireland Brothers Pat (29) and Harry Loughnane (22) are beaten, murdered, burned, and hastily buried by Black and Tans (colloquial term for the Royal Irish Constabulary Special Reserve) The Loughnanes were members of the IRA (the Irish Republican Army, an army who used guerrilla warfare tactics against British forces in Ireland)… Continue reading The brutal murders of two IRA brothers