England · Political

Edmund Ironside, murdered on his toilet

November 30, 1016 England Edmund II, also known as Edmund Ironside, King of England from April 23, 1016 to November 30, 1016, is killed while using the privy Edmund had been engaged in a conflict over the throne from 1014 when his 2 older brothers died making him the eldest male heir, and his father… Continue reading Edmund Ironside, murdered on his toilet

New York · Political

Assassination of William McKinley

September 6, 1901 Buffalo, New York Anarchist Leon Czolgosz shoots President William McKinley twice in the abdomen Czolgosz turned to anarchism after he lost his job during the Panic of 1893, an economic depression that lasted 4 years. Czolgosz believed McKinley was a symbol of a corrupt government and it was his duty as an… Continue reading Assassination of William McKinley

Netherlands · Political

Brothers Killed, Canibalized in Revolution 

August 20, 1672 The Hague, Holland, Dutch Republic  Brothers Johan and Cornelis de Witt are lynched and mutilated  Cornelis de Witt had been Grand Pensionary (similar to a Prime Minister) of Holland during a time of revolution. Seen as a traitor to the newly appointed King William III, he first survived an assassination attempt in… Continue reading Brothers Killed, Canibalized in Revolution