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The Illustrated Police News– Sept. 15, 1888

The front page of The Illustrated Police News Published September 15, 1888 London, England The cover shows various stories including another Whitechapel murder (possibly Annie Chapman, Jack the Ripper's second victim), a lion-tamer battling a lion in menagerie, and some sort of commotion during a Welsh wake. Unfortunately, I could only find the cover and… Continue reading The Illustrated Police News– Sept. 15, 1888

Executions · Tennessee

“Murderous Mary” the elephant is hanged

September 13, 1916 Erwin, Tennessee Mary the elephant, dubbed "Murderous Mary" following a sensationalized media frenzy, is publicly hanged Mary had been the star of many circus performances including a parade on September 11, 1916. During this particular parade a homeless man named Red Eldridge, who had recently been hired as an elephant trainer despite… Continue reading “Murderous Mary” the elephant is hanged