Girl held captive from 9- to 19-years-old

November 13, 1990 Sanjō, Niigata Prefecture, Japan 9-year-old Fusako Sano is abducted and held captive for 9 years and 2 months Sano was walking home after watching a school basketball game when Nobuyuki Satō (28) forced her into his car and later into the upper floor of his apartment. For 9 years, Sano was kept… Continue reading Girl held captive from 9- to 19-years-old

Newspaper clippings · Wisconsin

15-year-old abducted by “sex maniac”

From the Chicago Sunday Tribune Published October 25, 1959 La Crosse, Wisconsin The article describes a 6 year old unsolved case, which a 15-year-old seemed to have been abducted by a "sex maniac." On October 24, 1953, Evelyn Hartley had been babysitting a 20-month-old girl the night of her disappearance. Her father called when Evelyn… Continue reading 15-year-old abducted by “sex maniac”

Kansas · Missouri

Kidnapping and murder of Bobby Greenlease

September 28, 1953 Lenexa, Kansas Bobby Greenlease is kidnaped and murdered by Carl Hall and Bonnie Heady Bobby was the 6-year-old son of multi-millionaire car dealer Robert Greenlease, Sr. Bobby was targeted because his older adoptive brother attends school with Hall, and Hall had planned on exploiting the family for years. Heady visited Bobby's school… Continue reading Kidnapping and murder of Bobby Greenlease