South Dakota

Newborn’s body found abandoned in ditch

February 28, 1981 Sioux Falls, South Dakota The body of a newborn boy is found in a ditch The baby had been, found wrapped in a sheet and blanket, approximately 24 hours after his death which occurred roughly two hours after his birth. Medical examiners determined the baby, later named Baby Andrew John Doe, had… Continue reading Newborn’s body found abandoned in ditch

Graves · Kentucky · Newspaper clippings

Premature infant abandoned on porch

July 8, 1954 Henderson, Kentucky A premature infant is abandoned on a porch The newborn weighted only 2.5 lbs when she was found crying "like a kitten's whining" on a woman's porch. Doctors placed her in an incubator and police promised not to hold the mother accountable should she come forward within 24 hours to… Continue reading Premature infant abandoned on porch

Illinois · Newspaper clippings

Newborn left in trash can (1956)

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune September 12, 1956 A 1-hour-old infant was found abandoned in a garbage can by a ragpicker (a person who salvaged materials such as scraps of clothing and broken glass, and was a regulated occupation similar to street sweepers). Though she was suffering from exposure, she was able to be… Continue reading Newborn left in trash can (1956)