11-year-old’s body found

February 6, 2004 Sarasota, Florida The body of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia is discovered Carlie was abducted February 1 by Joseph Peter Smith. After kidnapping her, Smith raped and strangled her, leaving her body near a church. Security footage of Carlie being forcibly lead away by Smith resulted in Smith being questioned. He denied any responsibility… Continue reading 11-year-old’s body found

Alabama · Female Killers

Mother arrested for starving 3 children to death

February 4, 2005 Huntsville, Alabama Natashay Ward is arrested for the starving deaths of her 3 children The bodies of Shanieka (11), Latricia (9), and Christopher Ward (8) were found on the floor of 3 separate bedrooms. They had not attended school since the holiday break and the utilities had been disconnected since mid-January. The… Continue reading Mother arrested for starving 3 children to death