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Leaders of racist, murderous youth gang arrested

April 17, 2007 Moscow, Russia Arthur Ryno (Артур Рыно) and Pavel Skachevskiy (Павел Скачевский), ringleaders of a murdering skinhead gang of youths from 15 to 25 years old, are arrested for the deaths of "non-Slavic-looking" people The targets were chosen specifically by their looks, predominantly those from Central Asia and the Caucasus region, based on… Continue reading Leaders of racist, murderous youth gang arrested


Father beats twin infants to death

April 13, 2008 Baraboo, Wisconsin David Yates kills his 5-week-old infant twins Yates, who was suffering from anxiety, had allegedly taken medication which boosted his serotonin levels. If such levels are too high, a person can experience serotonin syndrome, which was reportedly the reason behind the twins' murders. Symptoms of moderate serotonin intoxication can include… Continue reading Father beats twin infants to death


Rapper murders, cannibalizes roommate

April 10, 2002 Los Angeles, California Rapper Antron "Big Lurch" Singleton kills and cannibalizes his roommate Tynisha Ysais while high on PCP Ysais was found by her friend with her chest torn open by a 3-inch knife that was still in her scapula (shoulder blade). Her lungs had been pulled from her chest and bite… Continue reading Rapper murders, cannibalizes roommate

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Man executed for murder of family of 4

April 9, 2003 Jarratt, Virginia Earl Bramblett is executed for the murder of the Hodges family, including their young daughters In August 1994, the Hodges were murdered in their home before a fire was started to destroy evidence. Mr. Hodges and his 2 children, Anah (3) and Winter (11), were shot in the head while… Continue reading Man executed for murder of family of 4