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1993 Long Island Rail Road shooting

December 7, 1993 Garden City, New York Colin Ferguson shoots passengers while on the Long Island Rail Road, killing 6 and injuring 19 Using a 9mm and carrying 160 rounds of ammo, Ferguson calmly stood during his commute before firing "as methodical as if he were taking tickets" according to The New York Times. His… Continue reading 1993 Long Island Rail Road shooting

England · Female Killers

Woman kills fiancé after argument

December 1, 1996 Alvechurch, Worcestershire, England Tracie Andrews gets into an argument with her fiancé, stabs him 42 times with a pen knife, bruises her own face, and tells police a "fat man with staring eyes" was responsible for the murder due to road rage Andrews (pictured showcasing her self-inflicted bruises as proof of an… Continue reading Woman kills fiancé after argument

Serial Killers · Wisconsin

Jeffrey Dahmer killed

November 28, 1994 Portage, Wisconsin Serial killer, rapist, cannibal, and necrophile Jeffrey Dahmer is murdered in jail by another inmate Dahmer and 2 other inmates, Jesse Anderson and Christopher Scarver, were tasked with cleaning the jail's showers. Scarver attacked both men with a 20-inch metal bar, causing extensive head injuries. Both were found alive, though… Continue reading Jeffrey Dahmer killed

Massacres/Mass Murder · Newspaper clippings · South Carolina

Man murders child, stepchildren before killing self

November 18, 1996 Laurens, South Carolina Despondent over the deterioration of his 12-year marriage, Johnny Satterwhite murders his child and 3 stepchildren before committing suicide Johnny and his wife Bertha had separated a week before the murders, and the separation played a key motive for the killings. He shot the children, Christopher Satterwhite (10), Johnny… Continue reading Man murders child, stepchildren before killing self