Disasters · Japan

Suicidal pilot crashes plane, kills 24

February 9, 1982 Tokyo Bay, Japan Seiji Katagiri, pilot of Japan Air Lines Flight 350, intentionally crashes the plane in Tokyo Bay, killing 24 on board Katagiri had allegedly been suicidal when he sabotaged the plane by engaging 2 of its engine thrust-reversers in flight. The plane's First Officer and First Engineer attempted to restrain… Continue reading Suicidal pilot crashes plane, kills 24


Teen murdered after prolonged torture and rape

February 7, 1987 Terre Haute, Indiana Bill Benefiel kills 19-year-old Delores Wells after raping and torturing her The abuse Wells suffered at the end of her life was witnessed by another kidnapped victim, a 17-year-old girl held captive for approximately 4 months before Wells' murder. The younger victim saw Benefiel naked and handcuffed to a… Continue reading Teen murdered after prolonged torture and rape

Female Killers · New York

Mother arrested for murder of 9th child

February 4, 1986 New York Marybeth Tinning is arrested for the murder of her 9th child Tinning and her family suffered loss after loss of their children, none of whom reached their 5th birthday. At first, doctors dismissed the deaths as bad genes, though when their adopted son Michael also died, no case was opened… Continue reading Mother arrested for murder of 9th child

New Mexico

New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot

February 3, 1980 Santa Fe, New Mexico The New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot ends on the second day The riot was sparked by guards encouraging inmates to turn into informants leading to the "snitches" being targeted in the prison, inadequate conditions -- including overpopulation (at the time of the incident 1,136 prisoners were housed in… Continue reading New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot