Ohio · Religion

Self-proclaimed prophet has family executed

April 17, 1989 Kirtland, Ohio Self-professed prophet Jeffrey Lundgren has the Avery family, including their 3 daughters, executed after claiming God commanded it Lundgren and around 2 dozen followers began a new doomsday church as an offshoot of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (now called the Community of Christ) which itself… Continue reading Self-proclaimed prophet has family executed

Massacres/Mass Murder · New York

Palm Sunday massacre

April 15, 1984 Brooklyn, New York Christopher Thomas shoots and kills several women and children as they are relaxing in their home, leaving an 11-month-old as the only survivor Thomas had allegedly bought drugs from the home owner, Enrique Bermudez, in the past and suspected Bermudez of sleeping with Thomas' wife. The victims included Bermudez's… Continue reading Palm Sunday massacre

California · Massacres/Mass Murder

Man kills young daughters, 3 in-laws, wife, and co-worker

April 14, 1989 Sonoma County, California After learning his oldest daughter was not fathered by him, Ramón Salcido slashes his three daughters’ throats, then kills his wife, mother-in-law, 2 sisters-in-law, and a co-worker Rámon wife Ángela (24 when she was murdered) had been pregnant when the two were married; Rámon assumed the child was his.… Continue reading Man kills young daughters, 3 in-laws, wife, and co-worker

Nevada · Serial Killers

Photo of killer and victim hours before murder

April 1, 1984 Las Vegas, Nevada Serial killer Christopher Wilder watches Seventeen magazine pageant winner Michelle Korfman (seen in the foreground holding flowers) shortly before he abducted, raped, and murdered her Wilder was dubbed “The Beauty Queen Killer,” targeting beauty pageant winners and models. In a 6-week crime spree, he abducted and raped at least… Continue reading Photo of killer and victim hours before murder