Australia · Newspaper clippings

Teen accidentally drowns after argument with man

February 2, 1946 A 17-year-old is "accidentally" drowned following an altercation with a 32-year-old man According to the man, the young lady asked him for a drink and he replied he had none. He then claimed she scratched him, he shoved her, and the two toppled into the water. He asked if she was alright… Continue reading Teen accidentally drowns after argument with man

California · Crime Scene Photography

Crime scene: drunken suicide (graphic)

February 2, 1944 Los Angeles, California Sgt. Lloyd L. Evans of the US Army is found nude after drunkenly committing suicide by slicing the back of this left hand open with a razor No motive was found aside from his high levels of intoxication. Photo credit: Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective Scrapbook. Images blurred to… Continue reading Crime scene: drunken suicide (graphic)


The liberation of Auschwitz

January 27, 1945 Oswiecim, Poland The Auschwitz concentration camp is overtaken by Soviet soldiers, liberating the starving survivors When the Nazis received information Soviet forces were making their way to Auschwitz (they had already liberated Warsaw and Krakow), soldiers tried eliminating as much evidence of their war crimes as possible, including shooting prisoners, burning evidence,… Continue reading The liberation of Auschwitz