Florida · Political

The attempt to assassinate FDR

February 15, 1933 Miami, Florida A failed assassination attempt on Franklin D. Roosevelt's life instead fatally wounds Chicago mayor Anton Cermak The would-be assassin, Giuseppe Zangara, was short, standing at about 5 feet tall. In order to see over others in the crowd, he stood on a metal folding chair, armed with a .32 caliber… Continue reading The attempt to assassinate FDR

Disasters · New York

Boxer’s unusual death in the ring

February 10, 1933 New York, New York Ernie Schaff is fatally injured during a boxing match with Primo Carnera In 1932, Schaff had been injured during a match with Max Baer which left him with headaches from that point on, and those around him believed he may have had brain damage. On February 10, 1933,… Continue reading Boxer’s unusual death in the ring


Dillinger being lead through courthouse

January 31, 1934 Crown Point, Indiana Gangster, bank robber, and murderer John Dillinger is led through a courthouse to stand trial for a bank robbery he committed January 15, 1934 Dillinger was found guilty during this trial but escaped. The method of his escape is disputed, with a deputy claiming Dillinger used a real pistol… Continue reading Dillinger being lead through courthouse