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FLW: taking it with a smile

Famous Last Words James Cassidy New York December 9, 1920 "Give her the gas, kid. I'm taking it with a smile." Cassidy and three others were executed in the electric chair for the robbery and murder of Bronx station attendant Otto Fiala, though one member of the group, Joseph Milano, confessed he alone was responsible… Continue reading FLW: taking it with a smile


Capuchin catacomb’s Sleeping Beauty

December 6, 1920 Palermo, Sicily, Italy Rosalia Lombardo dies of pneumonia a week before her 2nd birthday and leaves behind a well preserved body that is said to open its eyes Rosalia's father, so grief-stricken by her death, hired a notable embalmer to preserve the toddler's body. Her body was placed in a glass coffin… Continue reading Capuchin catacomb’s Sleeping Beauty

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The brutal murders of two IRA brothers

November 26, 1920 Shanaglish, Ireland Brothers Pat (29) and Harry Loughnane (22) are beaten, murdered, burned, and hastily buried by Black and Tans (colloquial term for the Royal Irish Constabulary Special Reserve) The Loughnanes were members of the IRA (the Irish Republican Army, an army who used guerrilla warfare tactics against British forces in Ireland)… Continue reading The brutal murders of two IRA brothers

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FLW: advises executioners to step forward for a better shot

Famous Last Words Erskine Childers Beggars Bush Barracks, Dublin, Ireland November 24, 1922 "Take a step forward, lads. It will be easier that way." Author Robert Erskine Childers was said to have inspired propaganda of the Republican movement in the Irish Civil War. He was arrested for carrying a firearm after the Army Emergency Powers… Continue reading FLW: advises executioners to step forward for a better shot