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The last woman legally executed in Vermont

December 8, 1905 Windsor, Vermont Mary Mabel Rogers becomes the last woman legally executed in the state of Virginia (Side note: there is an independent movie in the making about Mary's life, her husband's murder, and her execution. Check out the Facebook page here) Mary married her husband Marcus when she was 17 in 1900.… Continue reading The last woman legally executed in Vermont

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Man hanged for murdering his grandson

December 5, 1900 Manchester, England Joseph Holden is executed for the murder of his grandson Holden took his grandson, John Dawes (8), from school, claiming the boy's mother required him to run an errand for her. He instead lead John to a quarry (the lane to which is pictured, from "Bury Murders" by Sean Frain)… Continue reading Man hanged for murdering his grandson

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Angel of Death arrested

October 29, 1901 Massachusetts Jane Toppan is arrested for murdering patients under her care Toppan confessed to killing 31 patients whom she poisoned with various doses of morphine and atropine to see how the drugs affected her victims' nervous system. She also would lay next to her patients, holding them as they died. She was… Continue reading Angel of Death arrested

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Man beaten by “Amazon” woman for insulting her size (1908)

From the Chicago Daily Tribune October 15, 1908 Chicago, Illinois Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania The first article involves a couple who returned home from their wedding festivities after being informed of a burglary in which several expensive presents had been taken. The second tells the story of an "Amazon" woman who was insulted by a vagrant due… Continue reading Man beaten by “Amazon” woman for insulting her size (1908)