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Family tortured, burned at stake

July 29, 1600 Bavaria, Germany The Pappenheimer family is accused of witchcraft, tortured extensively, and burned at the stake The 17th century was not a kind time to any accused of witchcraft, but the Pappenheimers stand out for the amount of detail in their torture and deaths that have survived the centuries. Anna, the family… Continue reading Family tortured, burned at stake

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Salem Witch Trials: Elderly woman hanged

July 19, 1692 Salem Village, Province of Massachusetts Bay (modern day Danvers, Massachusetts) Susannah Martin (70) is hanged for the supposed crime of witchcraft Martin had already been accused of being a witch twice before, once in either 1660 or 1661, and again in 1669. According to A Laughing Witch: Hanging Susanna Martin by C.… Continue reading Salem Witch Trials: Elderly woman hanged

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FLW: don’t hack me

Famous Last Words James Scott, Duke of Monmouth London, England July 15, 1685 “Do not hack me as you did my lord Russell.” Monmouth was executed for treason after leading an unsuccessful rebellion against his uncle, King James II & VII (second of England and Ireland, seventh of Scotland). Monmouth was called the illegitimate son… Continue reading FLW: don’t hack me

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The Yangzhou massacre, as many as 800,000 victims

May 20, 1645 Yangzhou, China The 10-day Yangzhou massacre begins, resulting in a death toll as high as 800,000 The Yangzhou area was loyal to the Ming empire, and when the Qing dynasty took hold soldiers eliminated potential threats, inflicted punishment for resisting the new dynasty, and made a public example out of the city.… Continue reading The Yangzhou massacre, as many as 800,000 victims

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9-year-old burned at the stake for intercourse with the Devil

May 9, 1628 Würzburg, Germany Johann Bernhard Reichardt, a 9-year-old boy, is burned at the stake with 4 others for being a witch The boy was suspected by his father to have been involved with witchcraft. He was questioned and confessed to have been "seduce into witchcraft," denied God, flew to Satanic dances, and engaged… Continue reading 9-year-old burned at the stake for intercourse with the Devil