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Glencoe massacre, inspiration of the Red Wedding

February 12, 1692 Glen Coe, Scotland  An order is issued calling for the massacre of Glencoe (The massacre is the inspiration for the Red Wedding from A Song of Ice and Fire book series and Game of Thrones TV series, specifically the part involving the MacDonald clan who were killed after accepting guests into their… Continue reading Glencoe massacre, inspiration of the Red Wedding

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FLW: unconscionable time dying

Famous Last Words King Charles II London, England February 6, 1685 "You must pardon me, gentlemen, for being a most unconscionable time a-dying." Charles was known for his dalliances and John Wilmot, Duke of Rochester wrote of him "Restless he rolls from whore to whore/A merry monarch, scandalous and poor." As the king laid on… Continue reading FLW: unconscionable time dying

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Executed 2 years after death

January 30, 1661 England Oliver Cromwell is executed posthumously Cromwell was tried two years after his death and found guilty of high treason for his part in dethroning Charles I, on the 12th anniversary of Charles I's execution. Cromwell and three others instrumental in Charles' trial and execution (Robert Blake, John Bradshaw, and Henry Ireton)… Continue reading Executed 2 years after death

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FLW: signals own execution

January 30, 1649 London, England King Charles I is executed for treason against his country. Defiant to the end, Charles demonstrated poise under pressure. He grew his beard and hair out after Parliament dismissed his barber, and asked his executioner "is my hair well?" He wore two cotton shirts to keep the cold January air… Continue reading FLW: signals own execution

Religion · Scotland

Man who disguised self to preach illegally dies in cave

January 26, 1686 Scotland The Reverend Alexander Peden died in a cave at the age of 60 Rev. Peden was a Covenanter, one of a group of people who disagreed with the political and religious changes King Charles I introduced into the country. The Covenanters refused to acknowledge the king as the head of the… Continue reading Man who disguised self to preach illegally dies in cave