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The execution of Lady Jane Grey

February 12, 1554 London, England Lady Jane Grey is executed for treason As King Edward VI lay dying at the age of 15, he nominated his first cousin, Lady Jane Grey, as his successor. However, the Third Succession Act would require his half sisters, Mary I or Elizabeth I, take the Crown instead. Jane was… Continue reading The execution of Lady Jane Grey

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Mary Queen of Scots’ execution

February 8, 1587 Northamptonshire, England Mary Queen of Scots is beheaded for treason Mary had been suspected to be a part of a murder plot against Queen Elizabeth, taken to trial, and convicted of conspiracy and treason. She went to her death firmly believing she was being martyred (she wore a bright red gown, a… Continue reading Mary Queen of Scots’ execution

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Washing his hands in flames

February 4, 1555 London, England John Rogers becomes the first of many martyrs under Mary I Rogers had been a Catholic priest, but he disagreed certain views within the Church, so he left England to Holland. Once in Holland, he met a Protestant reformer and converted to Protestant views. During this time he also met… Continue reading Washing his hands in flames